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Camella Ellisande has no doubt a great location to attract potential home buyers. But it is always in the standard of Camella Homes development to offer a wide array of facilities and amenities to meet the modern lifestyle of its residents. The same can be said of this townhouse development. In fact, the modern amenities offer added value to the homes that are going to make your investment more rewarding. 

As mentioned above, the townhouses in Camella Ellisande are made with Mediterranean-inspired architecture that is modern and elegant. In addition, there are several added amenities within every unit such as fencing, trellis, and provisions for a carport and balcony. All of these features combine to bring about to bring comfort to your home and level up your quality of life. 

There are also a variety of common amenities and facilities available for use for the residents of Camella Ellisande Taguig. One example is the Clubhouse, which is a beautifully designed facility that consists of a large social hall that can be used for special occasions and social gatherings. In addition to the Clubhouse, there are several other amenities designed to promote a fit and active lifestyle. One example is the full-sized basketball court. This court is open to the residents of Camella Ellisande, which is a great venue for sports activities, such as basketball, tennis, etc. 

You can find several pocket gardens throughout the townhouse community. It has always been a standard for Camella Homes development to include green spaces such as pocket parks and landcaped gardens. Camella Ellisande Taguig is no different. You will have the opportunity to relish the view of nature and green landscapes to provide a relaxing atmosphere to live in. This is especially beneficial when it comes to living in the middle of a bustling metropolis. 

For your kids, you can let them go out and play at the community’s Playground area. It is rare to find communities that offer play areas for kids especially in a development located so close to a bustling city center like Taguig. However, Camella Ellisande is different. It is part of the Camella Homes’ mission to make homeowners feel like they are in commune with nature. You can therefore make that possible when you move in here. You can encourage your kids to go out and play as much as they can. That way, you can promote a healthier lifestyle and that is what Camella Homes is all about. 

In addition to the aforementioned amenities and facilities, Camella Ellisande Taguig is also developed with an entrance gate and guard house. With security personnel manning the entrance gate, only the homeowners and authorized guests are given access within the development premises. It will give you peace of mind knowing that there is round-the-clock security system that will protect your family from harm. There is no premium too high to ensure the safety and security of your family. 

The list of facilities and amenities offered at Camella Ellisande Taguig is just the icing on the cake. With a great location and flexible options, you could not possibly ask for a better deal!

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